New Hampshire Football Report

Division III schedules finalized


3-Sep 10-Sep 17-Sep 24-Sep 1-Oct 8-Oct 15-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct
Fall Mount. IL/M Raymond at Kearsarge at Monadnock Newport (HC) at Newfound at Stevens Mascoma
IL/M at Fall Mt. at Bishop Brady Newport (HC) Mascoma at Monadnock Stevens Newfound at Kearsarge
Kearsarge at Newport at Franklin Fall Mt. Newfound (HC) at Stevens Monadnock at Mascoma IL/M
Mascoma at Stevens Farm/Nute Monadnock(HC) at IL/M at Newfound Newport Kearsarge at Fall Mt.
Monadnock Newfound at Campbell at Mascoma Fall Mt. (HC) IL/M at Kearsarge at Newport Stevens
Newfound at Monadnock Epp/Nmkt at Stevens at Kearsarge Mascoma (HC) Fall Mt. at IL/M Newport
Newport Kearsarge Winnisquam at IL/M Stevens (HC) at Fall Mt. at Mascoma Monadnock at Newfound
Stevens Mascoma at Somersworth Newfound at Newport Kearsarge (HC) at IL/M Fall Mt. at Monadnock
3-Sep 10-Sep 17-Sep 24-Sep 1-Oct 8-Oct 15-Oct 23-Oct 30-Oct
at Farm/Nute IL/M at Raymond at Winnisquam Campbell (HC) Franklin at Epp/Nmkt Somersworth
Campbell at Raymond Monadnock Farm/Nute at Epp/Nmkt at Bishop Brady Somersworth (HC) Winnisquam at Franklin
Epp/Nmkt at Franklin at Newfound Somersworth Campbell (HC) at Farm/Nute Raymond Bishop Brady at Winnisquam
Farm/Nute Bishop Brady at Mascoma at Campbell Franklin Epp/Nmkt (HC) at Winnisquam at Somersworth Raymond
Franklin Epp/Nmkt Kearsarge at Winnisquam at Farm/Nute Somersworth (HC) at Bishop Brady at Raymond Campbell
Raymond Campbell at Fall Mt. Bishop Brady (HC) at Somersworth Winnisquam at Epp/Nmkt Franklin at Farm/Nute
Somersworth Winnisquam Stevens at Epp/Nmkt Raymond (HC) at Franklin at Campbell Farm/Nute at Bishop Brady
Winnisquam at Somersworth at Newport Franklin Bishop Brady (HC) at Raymond Farm/Nute at Campbell Epp/Nmkt

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