New Hampshire Football Report

WPIAL football regrets expanding

The WPIAL is ready to return football to four classifications, if that’s what its membership wants.

“Six classifications isn’t working in the sport of football, specifically,” executive director Tim O’Malley told the WPIAL board at Monday’s meeting in Green Tree.

O’Malley recently met with two groups of school administrators — Fayette, Greene and Washington County superintendents, and principals from the Beaver County-based Midwestern Athletic Conference — and he said both were unhappy with the current football format.

“The reasons it’s not working are, No. 1, there are more blowouts than we ever had before,” O’Malley said. “There’s a tremendous amount of lost interest, nobody goes and watches. And there are no more rivalries. The people that are beating you mercilessly are from a different county.

“But we predicted this four years ago.”


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