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Yukica Profile: Thatcher Allen

NOTE: The 2020 Joe Yukica New Hampshire Chapter of the National Football Foundation Scholar/Athlete banquet was cancelled this year because of COVID-19. Each Scholar/Athlete will be recognized with a commemorative program, a plaque and a personal profile that will appear in the program, on the New Hampshire Football Report, the Joe Yukica/New Hampshire Chapter web site ( and the Joe Yukica/New Hampshire Chapter Facebook page. This is one in a series of 39 profiles. Once published, each profile can be accessed by clicking on the athlete’s name at the bottom of the page.

Exeter High School

You could talk to Exeter High School football coach Bill Ball about guard/defensive tackle Thatcher Allen for 20 minutes and hear little or nothing about Allen’s performance as a guard for the Blue Hawks last season.

That’s not a slight at Allen’s contributions on offense. No, it’s more of a reflection of how good he was on defense for Exeter during his senior year, when he helped the Blue Hawks advance to the Division I championship game. Ball seems to have an endless supply of praise for the kind of season Allen turned in as a defensive tackle. 

“Defensively, he had really good instincts for the ball,” Ball explained. “Great feet as far as pursuing the ball. He was more than a two-gap tackle. He was a force defensively for two years, he really was. Excellent defensive player. He’ll play on the defensive side of the ball at Springfield (College).

“He had a bad ankle throughout the year, but he was still one of our leading tacklers. He was able to get pressure on the quarterback, which isn’t always easy (from the interior) in our scheme. That tells you how quick he was.”

In addition to being one of the key figures up front in Exeter’s punishing running game, Allen finished his senior season with 44 tackles, including 32 solo stops. He put up excellent numbers in the classroom as well, and is one of 39 NHIAA players chosen to receive the Scholar/Athlete Award presented by the Joe Yukica New Hampshire Chapter of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame

Allen’s community service includes work with the Special Olympics. He also coached youth basketball and officated youth lacrosse. 

In addition to suiting up for the football team. Allen played varsity lacrosse for the Blue Hawks. He was a Division I East First Team All-State selection in football, and was chosen to represent Exeter in this year’s CHaD New Hampshire East/West All-Star Game.

Jackson Allen, Thatcher’s older brother, was also selected as a Yukica Scholar/Athlete following his senior season at Exeter. Like his brother, Thatcher was a team captain.

“He’s a little bit shy, but very, very, very smart,” Ball said. “Tests extremely well. Really bright young man, as evidenced by his Scholar/Athlete selection.

“He’ll do well at Springfield. He has good leadership qualities and a dedication for excellence in everything he does. He’s got a bright future ahead of himself for sure.” 

Q and A with Thatcher Allen

Q: Please describe the most memorable moment of your high school football career. 

A: When I was in 8th grade, my older brother was made captain of the Blue Hawks. For the next three years, that became my No. 1 goal. I worked relentlessly as an underclassmen. I would work out before and after school in the offseason. During the season I had to push every day to carve out my spot. However, it was all well worth it when I was named captain after my junior season. 

Q: Tell us about someone who has had a significant influence on your life.

A: My big brother always inspired the best in me. I was always striving to be like him. I started playing football once he started playing. I chased being captain after he earned the position. He too was a Yukica Scholar/Athlete. Not only did he pave the road for me, he also helped me get there all along the way. 

Q: What is your favorite subject in school and why?

A: I took philosophy because it sounded like a good time and some of my friends were in it. It ended up being one of the hardest classes I took in high school, but by far my favorite. I caught the “philosophy bug’ and ever since have been fascinated by all parts of the subject. I really enjoy how it makes you think and question every part of your life, and I truly believe that learning about philosophy makes you a better person. 

Q: What life lessons have you learned from football?

A: Football has given me everything. The game has molded me into the person I am today. I think it would be easier to list all the lessons I’ve learned outside of football than from it. The most important lesson, I believe, was the last one I learned from it. In life, accolades, acknowledgements, etc. are nice, but they are not what really matter. It is the people, the bonds, and the memories that last. These are what makes us whole. Even though my team didn’t win a championship, I wouldn’t trade a single part of our journey for a piece of metal. 

Q: What is your dream job?

A: I have decided to get into coaching after my playing days are over. I love the game of football and I want it to remain a part of my life forever. Though this job will not be very financially rewarding, spiritually, I will be rich. I have been blessed with amazing coaches all my life who have served as great role models, and I hope I will be able to have a similar impact on the next generation of football players.


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