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All-State Teams: Division IV

2020 NHIAA Division IV All-State Team

Player of the Year: Josh Sharron, Newport Sr.
Coach of the Year: John Proper, Newport

First Team Offense

QB – Marius Edwards, Newport Sr
QB – Richard Gibby, Raymond Sr.
QB – Mike Evans, Mascoma Sr.
RB – Jakob Beaupre, Franklin Sr.
RB – Paul Goding, Raymond Jr.
RB – Jagger Lovely, Newport Sr.
RB – Izaak Westover, Fall Mountain Sr.
WR – Kevin Bostaph, Raymond Sr.
WR – Dylan Martien, Raymond Sr.
WB – Mike Mbwana, Raymond Jr.
WB – Bryce Willey, Newport Sr.
TE – Martin Wallem, Epping-Newmarket Sr
TE – Tanner Proper, Newport Sr.
TE – Ethan Marshall, Somersworth Sr.
OL – Caleb Hobbs, Mascoma Sr.
OL – Logan Haskell, Newfound Jr.
OL – Chase Hoelzel, Raymond Jr.
OL – Josh Orlowski, Newport Sr.
OL – Adriano Urista, Newport Sr.
OL – Aiden Pratt, Somersworth Sr.
Returner – Trent Evans, Somersworth Sr.

First Team Defense

DL – Jerome Donahue, Bishop Brady Jr.
DL – Alex Flynn, Fall Mountain Sr.
DL – Tyler Swain, Fall Mountain Sr.
DL – Ryan Loader, Raymond Sr.
DL – Joe Shanahan, Raymond Sr.
DL – Devyn Heino, Newport Jr.
DL – Chase Hamilton, Newport Sr.
LB – Dawson LaFrance, Franklin Sr.
LB – Josh Sharron, Newport Sr.
LB – Calvin Lambert, Somersworth So.
LB – Elijah Chantasiri, Raymond Jr.
LB – Karter Pollari, Newport So.
LB – Roman Farnsworth, Mascoma Jr.
LB – Reggie Decamp, Fall Mountain Sr.
LB – Emilio Estevez, Somersworth Sr.
DB – Malaki Ingram, Newfound Jr.
DB – Isaiah Maddox, Epping-Newmarket Sr.
DB – Ethan Turgeon, Somersworth Sr.
DB – Ryder Lovely, Newport Sr.
DB – Josh Evans, Mascoma Jr.
DB – Dustin Johnson, Franklin So.
DB – Jeff Dekorne, Somersworth So.
DB – Joey Costa, Raymond Sr.
P – Logan Bryant, Somersworth Sr. 

Honorable Mention

Line – Asa Michetti, Mascoma So.
Line – Owen McKinney, Mascoma Jr.
Line – Nick Arivella, Raymond Jr.
Line – Makyi Matheson, Newport So.
Line – Dylon Carpenter, Newport Jr.
Line – Logan Ash, Newport Fr.
Line – Caleb Chantasiri, Raymond Fr.
Line – Quinn Healy, Fall Mountain Jr.
Line – Joey Bergeron, Bishop Brady Sr.
Line – Brayden Powers, Somersworth Sr.
Line – Dante Guillory, Somersworth So.
Line – Owen Clark, Somersworth So.
RB/LB – Connor Treebig, Bishop Brady Sr.
LB – Luke Gay, Fall Mountain Jr.
QB – Zach Douville, Franklin Jr.
QB – Matt Wiley, Bishop Brady Jr.
TE – Steven Supry, Franklin Fr.
DB – Darren Early, Bishop Brady Sr.
DB – Grady Collins, Raymond Fr.


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